This website has been updated upon the occasion of the "Year of Gustave Roud, 2015", organized by Professors Philippe Kaenel, Daniel Maggetti and Antonio Rodriguez. The project was supported by the Canton of Vaud and the Cantonal and University Library of Lausanne. The President of the Association of the Friends of Gustave Roud, Antonio Rodriguez, coordinated the creation of the site with the friendly participation of: Philippe Kaenel, Daniel Maggetti, Stéphane Pétermann, Laure-Adrienne Rochat, Emilien Sermier, François Zay. We would particularly like to thank Mme Jeannette Frey, director of the BCU/Lausanne, as well as Mmes Danielle Mincio and Laura Saggiorato of the BCU/Lausanne. Also Mr. Charles-Antoine Subilia, owner of the Gustave Roud Archives, for his consent to use the photographs.

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