In comparison to his photojournalism, Roud’s illustrated work certainly appears restrained but it is meaningful. Auberjonois offered a lithograph portrait of the poet as a frontispiece to Feuillets in 1929, as well as in the 1944 edition of Adieu. Gérard de Palézieux takes over next, becoming Roud’s nearly appointed “illustrator” with Etoile in 1952, followed by various editions, most of them posthumous like Ici ce conte in 1997. Between these two, in 1949, Roud added his photographs (glued in) in his volume Haut-Jorat. This was not an “illustration” in the usual sense of the word, but a work that intimately combined the two arts, in a complementary and autonomous manner.

Gustave Roud, René Auberjonois : portrait dessiné de Gustave Roud, 1935-1955, Fonds photographique Gustave Roud, BCU/Lausanne.