In 1977, a year after the author passed away and in response to the feeling evoked by his passing, the Association of the Friends of Gustave Roud was created. This group contributes to the diffusion of all things Gustave Roud and ensures the publication and re-publication of his works. Today the association manages his literary estate and rights and looks after the awareness of his work, with respect to his image as a writer/photographer. Its missions are organized around three main areas:

  • managing his rights;
  • support for teaching and research;
  • inspiring cultural events.

The publication of the Cahiers Gustave Roud was meant to include previously unpublished works and correspondence as well as rare documents or conference proceedings. The Association regularly collaborates with Suisse-Romande universities, and in particular with the Center for Research on Suisse-Romande Literature at the University of Lausanne, directed by Professor Daniel Maggetti. The Association of the Friends of Gustave Roud supports a variety of scientific and academic activities, and it encourages teaching at the secondary school level by making useful information available with a goal of pedagogical organization. Through its reference site, the Association also highlights news and events pertaining to the author. The Association actively accompanies all cultural initiatives of other associations or organizations wishing to organize an event presenting the poet’s oeuvre.

The Association currently has more than 200 members who support its work. Former presidents include Pierre-Alain Tâche, Claire Jaquier, Antonio Rodriguez, and is today presided by Stéphane Pétermann.

Honorary Committee

Philippe Jaccottet
Claire Jaquier
Pierre-Alain Tâche


Stéphane Pétermann

General Secretary:
Laure-Adrienne Rochat

Anne-Frédérique Schlaepfer Arminjon 

Bernard Matthey-Doret

Committee Members:
Eva Baehler
Émilien Sermier
Marlène Voide

E-Unit / Émilien Sermier